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A Conversation with

Kimberly J. Sharkey

Introducing "Life in the Spirit"

August 12, 2020

Dr. Beverly Roseberry goes live with author and publisher Kimberly J. Sharkey of Global EnterUption Publishing house to discuss her recently penned book Life in the Spirit.

Breakthrough Podcast

Episode 2 | Teaching The Value Of Healthy Relationships

May 7, 2020

Dr. Beverly Roseberry talks about relationship development. A long-time family educator through the Healthy Families Initiative, she discusses the need and value brought from teaching, identifying, and maintaining a healthy relationship in vulnerable communities

A Conversation with

Kimberly J. Sharkey

Catching Up with Dr. Beverly D. Roseberry | Part I

October 25, 2020

Publisher and author Kimberly J. Sharkey catches up with Dr. Beverly Roseberry as she nears the launch of her new website and book, Life In The Spirit.

Life In The Spirit:

Living the Abundant Life

October 27, 2020

A Zoom Live virtual event to celebrate the launch of Dr. Roseberry's recent book, Life In The Spirit.

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