Life in the Spirit provides the insight for those who believe the abundant life has been promised to them by God. It is embodied with examples of how peace passes our understanding, how to receive rest from our labor and how to demonstrate a continual relationship with the Author and Finisher of our faith. He keeps His promises because He is Sovereign. However, on the other hand, we are human, and our emotions can get the best of us, leading us to feel like we haven’t obtained or walked out this abundance and peace that we expect, and that we never will.


In these pages, you will find some of the reasons why we don’t have what we desire. I share some of my personal experiences and how I was given the wisdom I needed to live the abundant life.  It is my hope that your mind, body and spirit will be in position to receive the revelations from my journey, and thereby become more acquainted with God’s plan for your life and find the rest and peace that God promised.

Rave Reviews From Our Readers

-Tracie Cooley

Professor Roseberry, as I am finishing up "Life in the Spirit" I want to say thank for the allowing the Lord to use you as a vessel to spread the word of wholeness through your faith and trust in Christ. You were honest about traveling the road to living your life in the spirit not being easy. You were open and honest with sharing personal journey. your were not afraid to speak on your disappointments, fears, moments of unforgiveness, or self-doubt. What I would define as bravery is just you living a life in the spirit. I'm sorry I can't attend tomorrow's event due to work but I wanted you to know my thoughts on the book thus far.


Life in the Spirit is a heartfelt, personal, and inspiring book that talks about the author's journey with the Lord, which inspired her to share this journey with us. So many things stood out to me.  She talks about being "Naked and not Ashamed”, She is spiritually telling us God wants us to be open, be sincere, candid, and transparent.  God has given her His peace and let her know "You are Safe". God will always give you "His Peace" when leading you regardless of the circumstances. The author talks about not leaning to your own understanding but “Trust GOD". Your destiny is His decision and no one else's. We serve a "Sovereign God". He can do What He wants to, When He wants to and How He wants to. As you read about her journey with the Lord, you clearly see that she never let a stumble in the road become her destiny.