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Wellness Services:
Wellness Physical Exams                                      TB Screening
Family Planning                                                        Sports Physical
STD Screening                                                            STD Examination for Couples
Pap Smears                                                                  Pregnancy Testing
Blood Work                                                                  HIV Pre & Post Counseling
Eye, Ear & Dental Screening                                Prenatal care
PSA Testing                                                                 College Physicals
Preconceptual Counseling                                                                 
Pre-Employment Physical Exams
Monday, Tuesday & Friday- 9am-6pm
Saturdays  9am-1pm ( fourth Saturday only)
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Health Education:
"Taking Care of You"
Description: Holistic health seminar designed to educate participants on the subject of wellness and disease prevention and give them basic tools to promote wellness. Curriculum consist of five (5) ninety minute sessions or one (1) ninety minute consolidated class.
At the conclusion of the presentation participants will:
  • Define the components of wellness
  • Identify steps to holistic health
  • Understand the importance of disease prevention
  • List five basic things they can do to promote self –health
"Healing Waters: What’s in the Water"
Description: Self-help support group sessions that address our spiritual and mental well-being and the things that harm them. This interactive support groups looks at cause and effect and how we can change the negatives in our lives to positives using biblical perspectives.
This support group consists of eight one hour sessions.
"Choosing the Best Life"
Description: Direct enough to command teens’ attention, this 8-session curriculum also helps communicate, dynamically and positively, the value of committing to abstinence. Videos that open each lesson lead naturally to discussion. Each 50-minute segment balances information about healthy choices with role-plays that help guys and girls practice saying “NO.”
"Choosing the Best Journey"
Description: Covering topics that are highly relevant to lower high school teens, this eight-lesson curriculum powerfully communicates the value of committing to abstinence. Videos that open each lesson lead naturally to discussion. Each 50-minute segment balances information about healthy choices with activities and role-plays that help guys and girls practice saying “NO.”
"Healing For Damaged Emotions"
  •  To understand how self esteem is tied to our self-image.
  •  To identify the three (3) essential components of a healthy self-image.
  •  To identify the four sources (parts) of self image.
  •  To develop five (5) daily affirmations that will be used to renew (change) our negative  self-images
Healing for Damaged Emotions consist of 8-10 weekly sessions or one ninety minute session
P.I.C.K. a Partner: How to Avoid Falling For a Jerk(ette)
© Based on curriculum created by Dr. John Van Epp
Description: Jerks, as it is affectionately called, is a pre-marriage education skills program that teaches single individuals how to discover what a person will be like in a marriage relationship. It is centered on two things: the underdeveloped mind, meaning that most people simply don’t know what to look for in a lifetime mate, and the overdeveloped mind, meaning that many people just don’t know how to keep their head and heart in balance when it comes to dating.
Jerks focuses on five areas of a relationship that individuals should look for when deciding whom to date. These include family background, attitudes/actions, compatibility, previous relationships and communication skills.
Jerk(ette) modules consist of five (2-hour) weekly sessions or two 3-hour condensed version classes
Basic Training for Couples
© Based on curriculum created by Dr. Rozario Slack and Nisa Islam Muhammad
Description: Basic Training for Couples is a marriage education curriculum designed to meet the needs of the Black Community specifically—but this curriculum can be effectively taught in every community. It can be used with couples interested in marriage, engaged, married, and those in love and in trouble. It is an eight session curriculum designed to help couples accomplish the following:
  • Increase their awareness of the benefits of marriage
  • Improve their communication skills
  • Improve their ability to manage conflict
  • Increase their commitment to the relationship leading to marital stability
Basic Training modules consist of 8 2-hour weekly sessions or two 3-hour condensed version classes. Each session includes assignments, homework, weekly affirmations, and new habits to learn. It is interactive, MALE-friendly, lots of fun and hard work.
My Sister’s Keeper
© Based on workshop created by Angela Harris
Description: Self-help support group sessions created to strengthen peer-to-peer relationships between teen girls, young women, and adult women. My sister’s keeper focuses on several areas of relationship among women within a family structure or outside friendships. These include esteeming one another, respect and accountability—true sisterhood, betrayal, covetous behavior, mistrust, cliques, and real talk.
Sister’s Keeper modules consist of 3 2-hour weekly classes or one 2-hour condensed session. Sessions include group projects, assignments, new habits to learn, and fun interactive fellowship.
And more...
'Preventive Health Education'
HIV & Sexually Transmitted Disease
Breast Health
Cardiovascular Disease
To schedule health education classes please call (404) 748-4123
or email us at HIHW@healinginhiswings.com
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